Children's Ministries

 Advanced Helping Hand Requirements


This class was designed for the overachieving fourth-grade Adventurer who needs additional activities. The Helping Hand Pin looks just like the regular Helping Hand with the addition of a gold star. You can download the checklist here.

1. Have completed the Helping Hand class requirements.

2. a. Earn the Home Helper Award.
    b. Plan a meeting with the family to discuss a topic important to the child.

3. a. By respecting your body, you should be aware of the food you eat by reading the first three ingredients of your             favorite:
        • Cereals
        • Drinks
        • Snacks
        • Desserts
    b. Keep a Food Diary of the food you eat in one week.
    c. Sign a Health Pledge card.

4. a. Work with a staff member in planning one of the following:
        • Adventurer activity or outing
        • Club party
        • Club opening exercise
        • Assist in teaching an award to either Busy Bees or Sunbeams
    b. Participate in a church worship service by doing one of the following:
        • Scripture reading
        • Prayer
        • Ushering/offering
        • Children’s story

5. a. Use a compass to follow directions and reach a goal.
    b. Demonstrate how to stay safe in adverse weather conditions such as:
        • Frostbite
        • Sun stroke
        • Black ice
        • Heat stroke
        • White-out (blizzard)
        • Hypothermia

6. a. Help set up, serve, and/or clean up from a fellowship meal or prepare sandwiches for a homeless shelter.
    b. Prepare a care package for someone in need.

7. a. Use food coloring to color a carnation to give to a special person OR start a vegetable plant.
    b. Find a creepy crawling creature of your choice OR draw and color pictures of the snakes in your area.
    c. Show and tell one of the above OR an option of your choice.