Children's Ministries

Characteristics of Eager Beavers

Remember that children develop at their own pace, so some children in your club may not have reached these markers, and others will have passed them. Make sure you focus on the specific needs of each child and not the stages.

Physical Characteristics

Can control gross motor skills more easily than fine motor skills

Have difficulty controlling large body movements

Struggle to control volume of speech

Can take themselves to the bathroom - occasionally "accidents" happen

Can dress themselves with slight assistance

Cognitive Characteristics

Have short attention spans

Learn actively

Focus on one thing at a time

Need specific directions

Require consistency

Can confuse reality and fiction

Want to make their own decisions

Are literal

Social Characteristics

Can take turns but may not share well

May appear to be "know-it-alls"

Are competitive and like to win

Can see only their own point of view

Are upset or embarrassed by criticism

Have tantrums or tattle to test authority

Responds well to encouragement and rewards

This Means that Eager Beavers:

Can jump and hop easier than they can write or color

May appear clumsy, fall off of chairs or bump into other children

Are noisy

Need short activities that can be completed in one setting

Follow directions that are given one step at a time

Enjoy role playing, instead of memorizing

Might seem to intentionally lie when they say they have a pet beaver home, but are just unintentionally caught up in the excitement of the story

Like to play with their "best" friend and won't voluntarily include others