Children's Ministries

Characteristics of Little Lambs

Remember that children develop at their own pace, so some children in your club may not have reached these markers, and others will have passed them. Make sure you focus on the specific needs of each child and not the stages.

Developmental Characteristics

Learn through play

Have short attention spans

Obey rules, but do not understand right and wrong

Can follow two unrelated simple directions

Understand danger and may develop fears

Experience mood swings, but tantrums generally don't last long

Know six to eight colors

Understand concepts such as size and shapes

Like to do things for themselves but are reassured when an adult is nearby for help

Large Motor Skills

Run and climb easily

Are still learning to skip, catch a bounced ball, walk a straight line, hop on one foot and kick a ball

Throw overhand

Use large arm movements for writing and drawing

Fine Motor Skills

Dress themselves but may need assistance with zippers, buckles and buttons

Can hold a pencil, draw a circle and a face

Can trace outlines of simple shapes

Can use safety scissors to cut a line

Build block structures with 10 blocks

Can complete simple 4 to 12 piece puzzles


Social Skills

Often share when asked

May have imaginary playmates

Like to explore the body

Begin to play with others in groups

May be bossy

Change the rules to games

Sometimes lie to protect friends or themselves

Can be aggressive but want friends