Children's Ministries

Starting an Adventurer Club

1. Adventurer Manual - It is highly recommended that your church purchase an Adventurer Manual. You can order this Manual from our office or you can order through AdventSource.

2. Club Organization - In the manual you will find a section called “Club Organization”, this section will lead you step by step how to start the club in your church.

In the manual you will also find how to do Inductions and Investitures for your club.

It also gives you ideas and guidelines on Family Network meetings.

    3. Club Registration - Each Club needs to fill out a Registration Packet, click here to view this yea'rs registration forms. Fill out the forms and send them back to our office as soon as possible so that we can start the registration process. There are also a couple of forms for your staff. Have them fill them out and send them to our office.  Mail to: Oregon Conference Children’s Ministries, Attn: Sherri Uhrig, Adventurer Director,19800 Oatfield Road,Gladstone, OR 97027 Please note: you will receive a new Registration packet every year (August) – for you to Re-register your club. Please fill it out and mail it to our office by October 15th.

    4. How many leaders do you need in order to start an Adventurer Club? - You will need at least 4 leaders - one for each curriculum, (depending on the age groups that you need to provide for). If you will start with all four curriculums - Busy Bee, Sunbeam, Builders and Helping Hands, then you need 4 leaders (one for each group), plus staff/volunteers to assist with each group.

    5. What is the child/adult ratio for each group? – It is required that two adults be present at one time in the group.

    6. Monthly Reports - Clubs are required to send a monthly report to our office. That is used to communicate with your conference leader your success and your challenges. It helps conference director understand how she can serve your club leadership better.

    7. Advisory Committee - Our Adventurer program has an Advisory Committee that meets quarterly to plan and discuss Adventurer Clubs issues and events. You, as the leader, are a member of this Advisory Team.

    8. “Tip” Registration Party – Your church can start an Adventurer Club with a Registration Party! Do an award with the kids as they register!

    9. Basic Training – It is the responsibility of each Adventurer staff person to experience the Adventurer Basic Staff Training course as sponsored by your conference.

    History, Philosophy, & Purpose of the Adventurer Club

    Understanding the Adventurer

    Recognizing Sexual Abuse

    Assisting victims

    State and local laws regarding reporting abuse

    How can staff protect themselves from unjust accusations

    Club Leadership

    Club Organization

    Club Programming

    Adventurer Curriculum

    Adventurer Awards

    Adventurer Family Network


    If you have any further questions in regards to the information, you can call the Adventurer Department at 503-850-3536 or email.