Children's Ministries

Vacation Bible School Director

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Responsible to the children’s ministries committee.

Relates closely with the children’s coordinator, the VBS staff.

Ministry mission: To help children develop a friendship with Jesus, with the Bible, with the
church, and with each other.


The Vacation Bible School leader plays a key role in directing the church’s largest outreach program for children and their families and has the following    responsibilities:

Organization and administration.

In consultation with the children’s coordinator, recruits volunteers.

Represents VBS on the children’s ministries committee.

Develops a VBS budget with the help of the children’s coordinator.

Plans the VBS space—which rooms of the church will be used and for what.

Plans the VBS time—the date, time of day, and program schedule.

Takes responsibility for reporting the VBS event to the local conference.

Leads the team in follow-up events.

Demonstrates a concern for child safety by completing the volunteer ministry information form and returning it when asked, and by observing the guidelines for volunteers and caregivers.


Coordination of the Vacation Bible School
Delegates leadership of the learning stations to able and responsible leaders; holds them accountable (stations include Bible learning, craft, games, etc).    Makes routine staff assignments, as follows:

Drama ministry—training a small team to do skits for the general session.

Family visitation ministry—organizing VBS staff to visit students at home

Follow-up ministry—sending birthday cards and invitations to follow-up events.

Hospitality ministry—providing daily snacks, organizing food for parent night and follow-up.

Guiding ministry—training and mentoring teen and adult guides who are each assigned a group of five students to accompany throughout VBS (guides and assists station leaders when asked, but does not teach).

Music ministry—learning VBS songs, leading the singing at VBS and follow-up events.

Publicity ministry—communicating and publicizing VBS at church and in the media.

Registration and record keeping—maintaining and updating student files, name tags.

Welcoming ministry—greeting, finding name tags, showing where to go.

Optional—safety patrol, videographer, medical, custodial, parenting seminar.


Screening Volunteers
Helps volunteers match their spiritual gifts with a ministry task as a leader, guide, or aid. Accept only volunteers whose volunteer ministry information forms are up-to-date and who have been approved by the screening committee.

Training and Equipping

Attends a conference VBS workshop where VBS programs are demonstrated or checks on-line for church-recommended programs.

In consultation with the children’s coordinator, selects a VBS program and orders the materials.

Holds VBS staff meetings to communicate the mission and goals of VBS, distribute curriculum materials to station directors and job descriptions to the staff, explain logistics, the schedule, procedures, and traffic flow.

Conducts regular VBS staff meetings; encourages volunteers in their personal prayer life.

Trains the staff in how to invite children to accept Jesus in an age-appropriate way.

Mentors a promising leader for future VBS leadership.

Time Commitment

    Approximately 10-15 hrs. per week; 3-6 hrs. per day during VBS.

Length of Commitment
    One or two years, depending on the practice of the local church.

    Basic children’s ministries certification (on-going).

1. Volunteer Ministry Qualifications - A commitment to:

Jesus Christ and to a growing personal relationship with Him.

Christ-centered ministry to children.

The Seventh-day Adventist Church and to its beliefs.

A balanced Christian lifestyle.


Cooperative ministry under the leadership of the pastor and church board.

Personal growth and learning, continually upgrading methods and skills.

2. Special Qualifications

An attitude of servant leadership.

A passion for children and children’s ministries.

Leadership experience in a ministry to children.

A current recommendation from the volunteer screening committee.


Resource Materials
The following resources are recommended for your ministry. You can purchase these by
calling AdventSource (800-328-0525), the Adventist Book Center (800-765-6955) or your local
Christian bookstore.

Bug Safari. This exciting VBS program is the Adventist version of the Group VBS for 2002,
complete with all the resources for its VBS leaders.

Come Meet Jesus Child Evangelism Kit. Everything you need to plan 27 programs for children,
including music videos, theme videos, music CDs, and guidebook–designed especially for use
in child evangelism meetings and can be used for children’s church, neighborhood Bible
clubs, and VBS follow-up.

Friends Forever. This program introduces kids to Bible friends, who teach them both how to be
friendly and that Jesus wants to be their Friend Forever.

Jesus’ Kids in the Kitchen. Provides an opportunity for kids to learn all about themselves, their
bodies, and most importantly, their Creator.

The Amazing Creation Station. This program will help children learn to know and follow Jesus
and value the natural world God made.

Visit for:

Information regarding the VBS curriculum.
A volunteer ministry information form and directions for its use.
An electronic filing system for student information.
Links to other sites and a VBS report form.

Visit for Sabbath School curriculum.

Visit for a children’s ministries support network

Visit AdventSource On-Line at for a complete list of the latest
resources available for local church leaders. You can place an order or request a catalog
by calling 1-800-328-0525.

For information about additional resources and answers to your questions call the Adventist
Plusline at 1-800-732-7587 or visit them on-line at